​Chat Noir Ink Productions plans on having something for everyone. Down the line it plans on producing a children's animation with characters created by another female who is part of the production team, Vivien Goa.  Creating diverse entertainment for everyone to enjoy is this production company's ultimate goal.

The first two projects were short films written and directed by Mercedes Mercado.  Angel of Death and Hidden Sins were both supernatural takes with a twist.  Both films were received well, with the latter getting a Best Director nod at the Burbank International Film Festival.

Ms. Mercado is also finishing her first book, Understanding Men With Power, which is a period memoir of her time living in Los Angeles. It is geared towards women as a self-help book but is also a laugh-out-loud comedy.

The first feature-length script entitled "Shadow Man" has more of a serious subject matter. It's an action-adventure story of marine sniper brothers that will pull at your heart strings.  It's been called a "Shakespearean sniper story" due to its tragic turn of events. Ms. Mercado's love and concern for our veterans inspired her to write this story that she holds close to her heart.

Chat Noir Ink Productions is a company that embraces the arts through a woman's point of view.  Film subjects range from the supernatural, to comedy to traditional drama. 

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